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Get Your Voice Heard, find out more about Senate Bill 1025!

SB 1025 Sales Tax for Instructional Classes Information


Olympiad Gymnastics is reaching out to our families for your help with an issue that affects us all. As you know, the State of Missouri decided to begin taxing instructional classes for children two years ago. Missouri is the only state in the nation that does so. We believe this is an unfair burden on the families that work hard to provide extracurricular activities for their children. As a company that tries hard to do the right thing, we were forced to begin collecting sales tax on each class in our company in February of 2015 to stay compliant with Missouri state laws.

BEFORE SEPTEMBER 14th: This is where we would like to ask for your help. Beginning in the middle of August, we would like each Olympiad family to contact the Senator andRepresentative of the district their Olympiad Gymnastics gym is in, as well as the legislators in the district you live in, urging them to stay true to their original vote. We believe that if legislators hear from their constituents who are impacted by this sales tax ruling, they will hold to their original vote, which is all we need them to do to make the override vote a success. 

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How to find the Senator and Representative for the district you live in:

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